Kuala Lumpur Design Week (KLDW) is arguably Malaysia’s biggest creative event-- with over 25 millions virtual viewership recorded from internet news network around the globe. In addition, over 30 pages of articles are listed in Google and over 500,000 copies of various creative magazine titles were published around the world.

The KLDW festival attracts some of the biggest names in the global creative industry and some of the world’s most iconic GLC’c as sponsors and partners. Our local media has covered both prints and digital media with an estimated reach of over 15 million viewership. It has been measured as delivering over RM5 million worth of cumulative brand exposure for its sponsors and it has been very well celebrated by the local creative community.


Positioned as Malaysia’s biggest annual design event festival hosted in parallel and complements other international design festivals around the globe and at the same time attracts international and regional creative talents to converge and to connect with our local creative communities!

The festival was established as an annual international creative event for the purpose of exposing our creative talents by providing a platform for a congregation and a celebration of creative engagement, design empowerment and expression, bringing together international & regional design masters from all around the world for our regional creative communities to shares their experience. In short, it is “to showcase what we don’t have and to enhance what we do have”.

The thrust of the idea is to instill, stimulate and magnify our country’s creative productivity by providing and sharing the latest information, knowledge and experience through a series of educational symposia as well as an up close face to face exhibition experience, giving an in-depth insight of the creative industry around the globe. This aspiration is an integral part of our national creative policy to enhance Malaysia’s creative economy domestically and internationally!


  1. The Creative Entrepreneurs
  2. The Creative Communities
  3. The Creative Individuals


The creative communities that consist of those industries that have their origin in individual creativity, skills & talent that have the potential for wealth and job creation through the generation of ideas, products and/or services. The list includes but is not limited to: Architecture, Advertising, Art, Cultural Industries, Design, Education, Film, Gaming, Historic Preservation, Museum, Music, New Media, Performing Arts, Publishing, Radio & Television, Software, Tourism, Web Development, and much more!


This festival is about "bridging the beauty of art and the functionality of science" which will be divided into 2 major segments –

  1. "Academia Symposia" - Conferences & Workshops Series.
  2. "Creative Playground" - Exhibition & Exposition Series.

Under each segment, there will be a series of educational and vocational programs. Each program was designed and focused differently, delivered and championed by a new generation of notable international designers, bringing in new, interesting and fresh global creative perspectives and ideas in order to cultivate a more interactive and engaging experience between speakers and participants.


The festival is a vital tool for the design and creative development of the nation, in enlightening the community about the significance of the Creative Economy and encouraging the education of design in various aspects of art and cultural developments within the region.

"Kuala Lumpur Design Week was launched and had commenced its festival showcases since 2009 with aims to reach out to more than 50,000 professional designers globally. The festival has been very well received by the local and international design communities. In the past, this festival has gained great coverage in the media and had managed to draw a record of over 25 millions virtual viewership from all over the world."

KLDW Festival serves as a perfect networking place for the design community and has created a pathway for a regional designers into the international arena. The conferences and exhibition series provides an opportunity for the creative communities to get to know their industry better and gain an insight scoop of what’s happening within the global design community. 


The world is moving into a new economic rhythm, "The Creative Economy". Hence, Malaysia and Malaysians need to become more creative and innovative to be at the forefront of this new world order. To be creative is to imagine something that has not existed before. To be innovative means to introduce changes in the society and progress in the economy. Therefore, design activities transform ideas into value and link creativity to innovation and production.

"KLDW Festival is more than just a festival. It is about cultivating a new generation! For Malaysia, for Vision 2020! And as the KLDW Festival becomes more cohesive, we will see the emergence of a freshly shaped community; whose energy, passion and optimism diffuse throughout the globe and the minds of a new generation that powers the new economy! In the interim, it will encourage and provide creative individuals and entrepreneurs a run for their talents, knowledge, experiences and investments - for their personal benefits and for the country’s new creative economy to grow!"

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