“Last year’s KL Design Week Festival had managed to paint the town alive with its colourful array of events, exhibitions,conferences and many more creative activities. As the first and the largest creative event of its kind in our nation, KLDW festival had succeeded in highlighting Kuala Lumpur as a creative city, garnering more than 25 million viewership virtually from all over the world. I am proud to note 2009 as the first year when we start to exercise creativity as a generating force in the city’s new economic development.”

Kuala Lumpur, as it enters the creative economy spotlight, can show itself as not only emerging as the new creative hub in within the region but even more importantly, helps to sustain the economic growth and development of the city. A festival of this magnitude will definitely help in generating our creative economy into a level it has never reached before. Packed with exhibitions, talks, forums and installations, KLDW Festival will be taking place in various locations all over the city. Main locations this year include KL Convention Centre, Publika Solaris as well as the Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.

In line with the fast development of the nation’s creative economy, I am putting my hopes through the means of this year’s KLDW Festival. It is hoped that this festival will garner a newborn interest and participation from all of you, our beloved city folks. Let us all unite to make this capital city a new force to be reckoned with, as the gateway to the region’s creative economy. I therefore encourage the public to give their support towards this festival, not only for the love of arts and design, but most importantly for the social and economic developments of our city.

With its many charms and achievements, KL is already a city to be proud of. But if we can find one more trait to enhance on, why not do it? Together let’s unite in an effort to level Kuala Lumpur as one of the rising creative cities of the world.

Thank you.

Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Bin Ismail
The Mayor of Kuala Lumpur

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